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Pre-launch your idea like a pro.

Your app, retail, service, food or beverage idea from zero to hero in less than 30 days and starting at $599.

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Foundium’s validation program is one of the most efficient on the planet. If you want to start a business, are really committed to the success of that business and are mindful of costs and time then this program is a must for you. The level of integrity of the team and their commitment to your success as a founder is what makes Foundium a leader in this arena.
- Alistair Hart

Accelerate your idea
to early product-market fit.

Get an all inclusive validation program that not only makes your idea look amazing but gets you early traction.

The validation program includes execution of:

Ideation templates
Beautiful landing page
Email template
Realistic product mockups
Advertisement campaign
Evaluation and reporting

Mastermind your plan

Use our custom created templates to ideate your startup in record speed and get moving quickly.

Powerful framework

Based on a model used by many successful startups, our framework is designed to get answers quickly and inexpensively.

Get your first customers.
Before you launch.

An idea is just an idea until you let people interact with it. Reach, attract and convert the right audience to see if your idea has merit.
We put your idea in front of real potential customers. 

Actions speak loudest.
Know your early adopters.

Choose between 2 objectives: Early access signups or order reservations. The only way to know your ideas potential is to see if people are willing to engage with it enough to convert.

Discover your ideas potential.

Make educated decisions.

We will give you all the data you need to understand how much potential your idea has an to make an educated decision on where to take your startup.

Identify your best personas.

Not all customer prospects are equal. Understand who is most interested in your idea.

Position your idea to beat the odds.

Get feedback and attract valuable partners.

We will give you all the data you need to understand how much potential your idea has an to make an educated decision on where to take your startup.

Raise capital and bring your product to market.

A validated idea will make it much easier to get investor interest. Most founders looking for seed funding can only talk the talk, but you will have walked the walk.

Ask the
right questions.

A great idea is a mix of intuition, knowledge and asking the right questions. Discover what the market thinks and wants before you invest more into your idea.

All inclusive validation program.
Starting at $599.

Amazing execution of landing page, product mockups, branding, marketing materials and more.
All pricing includes tools and advertisement for the duration of the project. No sneaky charges or upsells after commencement.
Executed from start to finish in as little as 4 weeks.
Will give you a solid answer to the question: Are people interested in paying for my product idea?